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Client Hub

Client Hub 

Complete walkthrough of Client Hub

Client Hub

Let's start by getting you all set up with client hub.


Client hub gives you a self-serve experience. Approve a quote, check appointment details, pay an outstanding invoice, print a receipt, or request more work. All of this in one place, hassle-free and no phone tag or lost paperwork.

You should have received our email with the subject

"You've been invited to login to our client hub"



This email contains your secure personalized link to our client hub. Each quote or invoice you receive will include this same link, which means no pesky passwords to track and reset. 

Client Hub

If you have not received the link from step one or it’s been misplaced, you can access the client hub 24/7 on our website.

Overview of Client Hub

Requesting New Work or a Project

Need mulch, weed removal, or pressure washing?

Go straight to the client hub to share details about a project or now work you'd like done, and we'll get in touch about next steps. Don't have your link to client hub handy? You can access the client hub 24/7 on our website.

Reviewing Quotes 

We'll send you quotes by email for your review. Click the 'Review & Approve' button to access client hub and add questions or comments, or if you're good to go you can click 'Approve'. If you have multiple quotes on the go, you'll be able to see them all in the client hub.

Accessing Your Records

Quotes, invoices, receipts - that's a lot of potential email

and paperwork to track and file.

Enter client hub, which stores all this documentation.

Paying Your Invoices Online

Ready to take care of your invoice? No need to call in - you can pay online, anytime. Watch for an email invoice from us, and click the link to pay online. Client hub also gives you the option to store your credit card information to make paying for future work easy.

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